June Ann Fischer had (ALZHEIMER), when her Three dagthers kill her  also June  lifetime  carcer  as a nurse (RN)  (Secializing in the Acute care Until) at St.June Hospital)

June was in the Royal Air Force & married me dad, July 12,1949  for 55 years and has three daugthers, Susan,Roxanne & Gwen, and one son,marqus, and live in Cathedral City, Ca. 92234

Auguster 27,2004, Roxanne took her Mum (ALZHEIMER PILLS) and Susie gave her Mother (Illegaly Drugs), Top it off Ralph D.Litter & Michael J.Wiegenstein (Rape & Molester) their (Mother In-Law),   Augustwe 28,2004 June Ann Fischer was found dead at 8:30 pm.

Susie Elizabeth & Ralph D.Littler  of Truckee, California 96161                                               Roxanne Marie Vetter Laub  of Incline Village, NV.  89451 % Tammy Lightfoot                          Gwendoln Ann & Micheal J.Wiegenstein,   of  Cathedral City, California  92+234                         Why did Sue, Roxanne, & Gwen  Kill their Mother

For the (Fischer Trust) !!                                                                                                                     All what they told the EMT was that their Mother (June A.Fischer) has (ALZHEIMER) !

Also for Two years Susie, Roxanne, & Gwen, with the help of Ralph & Michael put their Mother in a (LOCK-ROOM) and took their Mother (June Ann Fischer)  Social Securty Checks for 2 years (June SSN is 562-44-7026)  and got away with it

If you see Susie all what she will tell you is she (Sue) & Ralph DO_NOT gave a (Flying-F***) abot her Mother, but Susie got a neww home at 11070 Brockway Road  Space 8, Truckee, Ca. and a New Chryster Pacifica  (White outside & Back inside)

My the Lord be with the Womens & Mens who have ALZHEIMER                                                 Thank you for your time,                                                                                                                June Ann Fischer ,           (1929 – 2004)                                                                                            You Son,   marqus